Exterior House Cleaning

Office Hours:
Mon-Wed: 8am-5pm; Thurs-Fri: 8am-7pm
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Office Hours:
Mon-Wed: 8am-5pm;
Thurs-Fri: 8am-7pm
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With time, mold, mildew, dirt and grime build up on the exterior surfaces of your house. The sun, wind and rain can also effect surfaces resulting in discoloration. This build up and damage causes your house to deteriorate in both curb appeal and value. Exterior house cleaning is a basic and essential part of caring for your property and protecting its value. If you are looking to sell your house, pressure washing is an easy and affordable way to boost its appearance, so your house can sell quickly.

With our top-of-the-line equipment, high quality detergents and professionally trained staff we can ensure that your house will not be damaged. We gently pressure wash vinyl and aluminum siding, and clean gutters, downpipes and spouting. With our exterior house cleaning services we will leave your home looking new again.

Deck Cleaning

Pressure washing your deck is a lot more efficient than trying to scrub by hand. Pressure washing is also an excellent way to remove old paint and clean the exterior surfaces before painting. In order to paint your surface needs to be clean of any dirt, grease, mold, mildew and old flaking paint. By cleaning your deck it will give the primer and paint a good surface to bond with. Our deck cleaning process is the same as our exterior house cleaning services except we typically use higher pressure to remove as much paint chips and residues as possible.

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Our Clients

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Keeping our fleet clean is important for our company image. We have trusted Professional Mobile Wash for over 15 years with our cleaning needs and they have always done a great job.

    - Mike Cavanagh, Equipment Manager, Thomas Cavanagh Construction Limited

  • We used to wash our own equipment but with our growing business, we just don’t have the time. Now we go through Professional Mobile Wash’s truck wash bay and have their staff to clean it for us. Their men always treat us well and take care of any problems immediately. I highly recommend PMW to anyone who wants to get their trucks pressure washed.

    - Andre Menard, President, Andre Menard & Sons

  • Because we transport ice cream, milk and other food products, we need to have our fleet clean, especially the interiors of our truck boxes and trailers. That’s why we use Professional Mobile Wash. They get the job done right.

    - Justin Larabie, General Manager, Jack Larabie Distribution Inc

  • I’ve invested a lot of money in my heavy tow trucks and I take care of my investments. I trust the pro’s at Professional Mobile Wash to keep my trucks clean. Everyone who owns a truck should too.

    - Frank Dorval, President, Franks Heavy Towing